White Water Rafting in Colorado Springs

best white water rafting in colorado

White water rafting is one of the most exhilarating experiences for anyone willing to trust their skills in water. Even though Colorado is home to some of the best rivers in America, there are still many places that offer the best whitewater rafting in Colorado. The best Colorado river rafting outfitters will take you on trips that include a day of fun in the rapids, but also return you safely at the end of your trip. If you want to have the best experience possible, here is a look at some of the areas you should consider for your whitewater rafting.

An Overview

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One of the best areas to enjoy Colorado river rafting is Fort Collins. This area offers you a variety of different rivers, as well as opportunities to go on top-quality rafting expeditions that will make you spend much of your time on the water. Many of the best whitewater rafting trips take place at the start of the spring season, which means that you have a multitude of places to enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty. You can also choose to stay put during the busy summer months, when the Colorado River is at its busiest. There is simply no better way to spend a hot summer’s day than enjoying a river rafting trip on one of the best Colorado rivers.

Another great area for top-notch Colorado river rafting is the Big Thompson River. This river spans three rivers that converge at the historic confluence with the South Platte River. This is the most popular route for rafting in Colorado, and you will often find it filled with eager tourists eager to have some fun in the fast-moving rapids. Of course, if you prefer an even less populated area when you are looking for the best white water rafting in Colorado, the Grand Canyon can provide that. With only 20 miles of water between the rivers, this is one of the most pristine areas for a quick river trip.

Top Venues To Visit

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One of the best things about visiting Grand Canyon National Park is that there are several great white water rafting trips available each season. These trips provide a beautiful way to get a glimpse of some of nature’s best wonders. The best Grand Canyon trips allow you to travel downstream from the Hoover Dam on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Many Grand Canyon trips also include a trip up the Colorado River, which is why it is so popular. You will be able to take your raft across a large expanse of spectacular scenery. And when you’re done with your rafting adventure, you can head back down to the river just as easily. But you don’t want to stop there. You can always return to the river by using another beautiful Colorado river raft or you can take your vehicle on a scenic tour of the area. And you won’t be far from any of the best white water rafting in Colorado.

Awesome Place To Visit

Another great place for some great white water rafting is the Fort Collins-Loveland area. Here you’ll find the steep Poudre River. The best months to raft in the area are the spring and summer. The scenery during these months is absolutely beautiful. But the best time to raft Poudre is in the fall. This is when the river is naturally warmer and the currents are much stronger.

Another popular time for white water rafting in Colorado Springs is the winter season. The Pikes Peak region is one of the whitest places to raft in all of Colorado. The best time to visit Pikes Peak is in early May, but you will still find plenty to do during the winter months. The historic Pikes Peak Hotel makes a great base to enjoy the area during off-peak times.


If you’re looking for the best white water rafting in Colorado, you need to start planning early. The water can be beautiful at any time of year, but it’s always best to start preparing well in advance. In early May, the Colorado Rockies is in the middle of their spring building up their water supply. You’ll find the water’s a great time to hit the rapids during this time, as well as countless other winter activities.

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