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DAKTari Surf and Dive Shop is located at the heart of Surfers Paradise. With its impressive selection of over 200 different types of scuba diving equipment, it is also one of the best shops in the area for snorkelling, surfing and kayaking. However, what makes DAKTari so special is that it isn’t your typical dive shop. In fact, when most people think of Australia’s beautiful coastline, the first images that come to mind are of the clear blue ocean and golden sand, but there is a lot more to this amazing region of Australia than just surfing and sunshine.

More about the Daktari Surf and Water Dive Site

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DAKtari is home to a very unique centre-piece – PANGAS – which is a small octopus. This fascinating octopus has the rare ability to regenerate itself by releasing thousands of miniature tentacles, which search the ocean floor for food. The tentacles filter out the water using tiny suckers on its tail, filtering out everything from dead fish to dead skin cells. The end result is an array of brightly coloured tentacles flicking up and down, searching the ocean for their favourite meal.

This amazing sea creature has been found to have strong anti-fungal properties, which mean it is a perfect predator. Due to these properties, the end result is an incredible array of colour for the fish that dace in its tentacles. Some of the fish have had colourful colours produced by the process of natural selection, and this is exactly why people love to go on DAKtari Surf and Dive trips. Diving centres tend to focus on the marine life, whereas DAKtari gives you the chance to explore the land too.

The first thing you will notice on a DAKtari dive site is the abundance of marine life. There are hundreds of coral beds spread throughout the seas surrounding the resort. These are home to hundreds of different types of corals, which are naturally colourful. There are also hundreds of species of tropical fish, which are attracted to the light and will hang around the divers mouth. You may be surprised at just how many jelly fish will inhabit a particular pool! If you go on a regular DAKtari Surf and Dive, you can even expect to see a few sharks!

Another aspect of a DAKtari experience is the interaction with the locals. These dive centre owners and instructors are incredibly friendly and eager to teach new divers the basics of diving. A typical day may start with a short introduction session where a novice diver is taught the basics of breathing underwater, including holding their breath. From here, they will be taken on a short guided tour of the nearby underwater environment, and may be asked to try a variety of dives, depending on the master diver’s expertise.

As part of the DAKtari experience, you will also be taken on a short excursion to the village of Port Fairy. Here, you will have the chance to visit some of the local shops and restaurants. At the end of the day, you can decide to stay for the night, or return to your accommodation in DAKtari with a certificate if you have received a certificate on your first dive. This certification is an important part of your trip, and will help to ensure that you receive your driving permit on your next visit to Kenya. Many divers who come to Kenya do not receive a second experience certificate because they did not receive any training before going to East Africa!

One of the things I really enjoy about doing outdoor activities with kids in Australia is being able to share these experiences with them. For me, it is always rewarding to dive with my daughter and watch her learn to dive. I love spending time teaching others the basics of diving – from knowing how to breathe correctly to knowing how to manoeuvre your equipment around under the water. My dream was to be able to dive with my daughter so much that I would even consider teaching her to dive. The great thing about going on a daktari surf and dive excursion with your family is that you get to share these experiences with others. If you have never experienced the ocean with your family, this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

End Note

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Most people diving in the Great Barrier Reef are drawn by the stunning marine creatures that inhabit this impressive coral reef. However, most people are drawn to the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef because of the opportunities for wrecked tours. You can also visit other fascinating marine sites including the Nambour LightHouse, which is home to Australia’s largest collection of endangered animals. You can choose to go for a single dive, or you can take two dives in either the Fairy Island or Tarangire Marine National Parks. The beauty of these parks is that you can explore them in any order you wish, and there are plenty of wrecks to dive in to get an up close look at the animals that call these places home.

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