The diving equipment required to live underwater

diving equipment

As divers, we need the equipment including diving fins, diving masks, diving suits, and so on. It is necessary to carry out all of them.

Important diving equipment

A man swimming in the water

1) There should be a rope that two people hold together in case of rain while wearing diving suits and it can be pulled out quickly for shelter.

2) The waterproof mobile phone pouch: Your mobile phone has an important role even when you dive because it’s used as a buoy or an air gauge underwater; therefore, you must choose a waterproof pouch for your mobile phone appropriately.

3) Raincoats / Umbrella: Diving underwater for a long time, you need to come up and take a breath occasionally. Therefore, you must use weatherproof clothes or umbrellas to protect yourself from the rain when coming out of the sea.

4) The waterproof scuba diving mask: Even though it may not be as important as other equipment, you should bring a waterproof mask in case something bad happens during your diving activities.

5) The fishing hook: Fishing may be meaningful because catching fish can help us survive longer even if we don’t have enough food. In addition, fishing with a fishing hook under a dark environment might make a fire to cook fish later. It is easier because usually, fishermen put some wood chips on the surface of the water at night.

6) The diving water filter: When it rains, the surface of the sea becomes rough and waves become bigger which makes it hard to dive underwater for a long time; therefore, we must bring this equipment with us if we want to dive longer under such circumstances. You can drink fresh water from raindrops or use salt water as drinking water by filtering through this instrument. However, how to make one is out of the scope of this article, and please look up the video about “How to make a water filter” on youtube.

7) The diving gloves: It is frequently used for the protection of hands when fishing with hooks because the hook may injure your hand. This is not for rescuing but it can be helpful enough to survive longer.

8) The biodegradable soap: You can use this to prevent infectious diseases or other problems because cleanliness is meaningful when you are in danger. Also, you must wash off the dirt completely after diving underwater by using this kind of soap.

9) The headlamp: If you need light at night while fishing with a fishing hook, this instrument will be useful. However, there are some limitations that batteries for this equipment run out soon under wet conditions so it should be used very carefully.

10)The diving knife: This item can help us get rid of tangled nets underwater and cut ropes if needed. Yet it’s better not to bring knives unless they are really necessary because there might be an unexpected event which will put you or your partner in danger.

Diving Equipment for emergency

A group of people swimming in a body of water

The emergency food packs: Emergency food packs are small and lightweight and they don’t take much space in your bag so you shall prepare them for unforeseen circumstances.

The emergency whistle: If you are in danger, use this instrument to attract people’s attention.

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