The Best Water Rafting In Tennessee To Visit On Your Next Trip

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River rafting is one of the top water sports that you can try. If you are in Tennessee then you can try river rafting in one of the many different rivers in the state. You can choose between the gentler rapids and adventurous waters which provide an amazing experience to you. You have to remember that there are some restrictions when it comes to age so you have to book in advance to avoid disappointment. When you are going for rafting remember that you have to wear secure shoes because flip flops and bare foot are not allowed. 

The rapids are divided into classes from Class I to Class IV. The Class I rapids are the easiest which include small waves and the class IV rapids that are considered to be unnavigable. You can choose the ones that you want to do according to your appetite for risk. Here is the list of the best water rafting in Tennessee and these water rafting in Tennessee are amazing and you will get the information about the rapids before you choose the one that you want to try. 

Rip Roaring Adventures 

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This place promises one of the top adventures when it comes to water rafting in the state. It will take you through Class III and Class IV rapids that will take your breath away. People who have been there have mentioned that the guides here are polite and very nice. The adventure lasts for three hours and out of those one and a half hours are spent in water. You will love the thrill that this brings along and you can find this in the upper Pigeon River. The prices are about $44 but you might have to pay a bit more if you go there during summers.

Smoky Mountains Outdoors Rafting 

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This place is recommended for families and kids as the rapids are tame. The whole excursion lasta for about 90 minutes and you will love the way this will make you feel. The views on the trip are breathtaking and you will enjoy the beauty of nature while you are on this rafting trip. 

Cherokee Rafting 

This trip has some rapids that were a part of Olympic competition so you already know that this is going to be thrilling. It covers about 10 miles of Ocoee River and you will stop midway for some lunch and an amazing picnic. This is an amazing experience that you must try if you love adventure.


These are the water rafting in Tennessee that you can visit on your next trip to the state. The trips happen over a few months only so you have to research before you go there. Also, dress appropriately so that you can make the most of your adventure. One of the top thrilling experiences that you must enjoy at least once in a lifetime for a taste of adventure and fun.

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