Kite Surfing Wetsuits For A Perfect Day Out

A man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

Kite surfing is one of the most thrilling water sports. This exhilarating sport requires you to use up a lot of energy and at the same time, it calls for utmost agility. Kite surfing is not just a game; it is a way of life for many people from all ages. There has been a lot of technological developments in the kite surfing equipment used by these enthusiastic kitesurfers.

To ensure safety while kite surfing, the kite surfing wetsuits must possess certain important features. First, the wetsuit must be water proof. It should also have strong seams for better durability and leak-proof membranes for trapping body heat and moisture. And of course, the wetsuit should have at least one single lined neoprene layer which is responsible for keeping your skin warm even in colder water.

An Overview

A man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

Kite surfing wetsuits protect us from the chilly ocean surface as well as the powerful winds. The bright sun also makes us warm while we are kite surfing. Therefore, they have to be able to resist the strong wind and the ripping ocean currents. Secondly, the wetsuit must be flexible to allow our movements to be adjusted depending on the height of the water. If the suit is not flexible, it will tend to bind in the process of surfing and result to skid marks. And of course, the more flexible it is, the better.

Another feature of the surfing wetsuit is its structural integrity, which is responsible for allowing freedom of movement underwater. The main key to its structural integrity is the presence of a strong neoprene layer which is responsible for trapping body heat and moisture so that the wearer remains warm while swimming under the hot sun. The key to this lies in the way the neoprene traps heat and moisture from the water so that the wearer remains warm. This is achieved through the presence of an open cell construction, which allows for freedom of motion underwater.

Kite Surfing Wetsuits

A man kite surfing in the ocean

The surfers’ wetsuit is made out of a variety of materials depending on the need of the individual skier or surfer. Kite surfers or kite riders benefit largely from the high level of flexibility and breathability offered by the vinyl or ripstop fabrics. They are more commonly known for their high level of stretchability especially when compared to traditional wetsuit designs and use of advanced materials. This means that the surfing wetsuit offers good levels of flexibility and can conform to the changes in body temperature of the rider or skater better.

To gain a complete understanding of the benefits offered, it is essential to understand the structure of a typical surfing wetsuit. The suit is composed of two major layers – the garment itself and the liner. The garment is made out of a flexible membrane, which is usually made out of nylon but can be combined with various other fabrics depending on the need of the individual. The primary layer which covers the skin and which forms the base or foundation of the wetsuit is called the neoprene. The garment is then topped with a thin but extremely durable layer of polyurethane which imparts the required warmth to the user.

As already mentioned, the neoprene acts as the insulation layer. However, the real benefits lie in the fact that the neoprene acts as a semi-rigid and stretchable substance which makes it highly possible to stretch the garment. This feature makes the wetsuit much easier to manufacture than other conventional materials like neoprene which has rigid limitations. Several kite surfing equipment manufacturing companies have come up with different varieties of neoprene fabrics in order to meet the diverse requirements of users. These fabrics are also specially designed to provide superior buoyancy control thereby ensuring less wind resistance while reducing the chances of getting hung up at high altitudes.

In The End

Another benefit of these suits is that they offer a considerable amount of neoprene. As a result, the user can enjoy wetsuit flexibility which makes them highly resistant to adverse conditions. Moreover, the wearer experiences a high level of comfort due to the neoprene lining. Most modern kite surfing wetsuits are quite thick and robust, which makes the process of washing and maintaining quite easy. They can also be used as practice wetsuit on beaches before going for the actual event

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