Enjoy Blue Water Rafting and Hawaiian Tours on Your Aloha Hawaii Vacation

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Blue Water Rafting takes you into the blue water with their innovative new line of all-terrain recreational boats. This unique 4-hour experience gives you two awesome Maui snorkel adventures, and each is excellent. This hidden scenic snorkeling spot is unspoiled, offering you tons of ocean life, rare turtles, and friendly dolphins. It is also known for the greatest white water rafting in the world. Each morning at our facility, you will be greeted by a tropical fish massage to prepare you for your upcoming adventure. If you want a taste of the “real thing” during your next vacation, Blue Water Rafting is your best choice.

How Does The Blue Rafting Experience start?

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The “blue water rafting” experience starts in Hawaii at the Hawaii Connection, the premier mooring boat company in Maui. From the docks, you will see the majestic mountains of the island rising above. The water is calm and tranquil, perfect for photo opportunities. Then, set sail for the great blue waters of the beautiful Kanio Coast. The waters of the Hawaiian Islands stretch far into the distance, where you will be whisked away on a scenic river raft.

Aloha Landing Beach

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You will then take a short ride into town to get to the Aloha Landing Beach, where your group will get a snorkeling lesson. There are also several places for the kids to do bird watching, kayak riding, or go gold fishing (for those brave souls who like to fish). Once you return to the shore of Hanalei, you can head back to the cruise terminal for your flight home. You may be greeted by a lovely Hawaiian lady who will offer to drive you home, but the Captain will always insist on taking you home on his fabulous, speedy vessel.

Pearl Harbor

After the trip is complete, make sure you stop by the famous Pearl Harbor to view the aircraft carrier Enterprise (the name of the World’s oldest continuously operating ship). The crater is also very close by for those who want to see it from the air. After visiting Pearl Harbor and the crater, head back to the cruise terminal for a delicious lunch consisting of a native recipe in Hawaii coffee. It is best to head back to the beach before it gets too hot to enjoy the sun. Once you feel well again, head back to your beautiful Hawaii vacation rental, enjoy your day, and return to the boat and cruise once more.

Final Thoughts

Some of the other famous sights you will want to see while on your Aloha trip are the Sea Caves and Hanalei Bay, which can be reached via foot. The island tours begin with the Captain and his gang aboard his vessel; you will then take a walk from shore to the boats docked at various locations. For those interested in a bit of history, there are many historical tours, including the Battle of Wasena and other events and the Ancient Pronation of Hawaii. These guided Hawaiian-themed tours are available monthly and are a fun way for visitors to experience the islands while getting a feel for the culture.

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