All About The Popular Pennsylvania White Water Rafting

pennsylvania white water rafting

River rafting is quite exciting, right? Many of us are excited about river rafting. Despite the fears, a part of our heart wants to try river rafting!

Do you know that Pennsylvania white water rafting is popular? If not, let us see why and how it is popular!

The existence of natural waterways in Pennsylvania fascinates tourists and makes the destination the best place to relax.

Have you tried Kayaking? 

Water Rafting

In Pennsylvania, kayaking is offered in both calm water and white water. It is popular because of the numerous water bodies found here. 

Let us see some of the places where you can enjoy River rafting to the maximum!

Some Famous Rivers And Lakes For Pennsylvania White Water Rafting

Youghiogheny River:

Water Rafting

Pennsylvania’s one of the largest state parks in Ohiopyle. Flowing across the Ohiopyle, the Youghiogheny River flows to the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Youghiogheny River is famous for white water rafting and kayaking activities. 

The river has different sections, each of which provides the best experience for river rafting and other activities.

Lehigh River:

Located in the Pocono Mountains, the Lehigh River is one of the best places to experience tackle rafting on the state’s white water. 

The Lehigh River flows between the Poconos and the Appalachian Mountains.

The calm water makes you fall in love with the river. Take your family out there and have some real fun!

The Lehigh River is quite appealing to kayakers because of the waters that flow through the designated Pennsylvania Scenic River section. The area is a preserved one.

Three Rivers Water Trail:

In Point State Park, you will find the Three Rivers Water Trail.

The Three Rivers Water Trail is 75 miles long. You can see the Allegheny, Monongahela, Youghiogheny, and Ohio Rivers when you travel here.

The river is called the National Recreation trail which has almost 90 riverfront towns and points.

Schuylkill River:

Being the best scenic spot, the Schuylkill River also serves as the best place for kayakers!

The river is 128-mile and it is a State and National Heritage Area.

So, not only kayaking and river rafting, but you can also enjoy yourself a lot with all the heritage knowledge!

Lake Nockamixon: 

Lake Nockamixon is well-known for the white water which flows directly from the dam.

Tohickon Creek is a primary one for river rafting but is quite dangerous for kayaking.

Lake Nockamixon is an hour outside of Philadelphia. Make sure you choose the right timing for river rafting and traveling.

Rules To Be Followed While River Rafting

River rafting is fun as well as dangerous. Make sure you follow the guide’s instructions while you’re in the boat.

  •    Always choose a professional and licensed rafting outfitter
  • A life jacket is a must
  • Wear the protective gear
  • Make sure you are holding the paddle properly while river rafting
  • Do not panic
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • You must be 6 years old or above that
  • Drinking alcohol is not suggested


Entertainment, fun, and adventure are okay in their place but keep safety on your priority. Always follow the rules during Pennsylvania white water rafting.

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